Welcome to MonkeySeeMonkeyGo.com!

We at MonkeySeeMonkeyGo.com would like to take a minute to thank you for coming to our site. There are many travel sites out there, and we appreciate your taking the time to check us out, and hopefully sign up and stay awhile. We have many thoughts about how this site will be different than all the rest, but one of the main ideas is that we want to highlight our members as we grow.

We plan to have lots and lots of member generated content from trip reports to photos, to videos of your favorite travel destinations, with many being created by our great group of members. While at first we will highlight family vacation photos and videos, eventually we plan to also include professionally produced slide shows and videos of your favorite vacation destinations.

At first we will be highlighting USA travel, but don't worry; we have plans to add more destinations as we develop our membership. We just don't want to have a huge travel site with not much going on when we start. Plus, we want to get a feel for what our members are looking for in a new travel site.

We also have big plans for our as yet, unnamed mascot. We are hoping that our members can help us name the little fella! We'll have a prize for the winning name. Our exact plan for that will be in the forums.

Finally, we want our members to feel like this is a place that they truly want to spend some of their very precious time visiting on a regular basis. Hopefully even a daily basis. We will make every attempt to keep this a very happy web destination. We will need the help of our members in keeping this a very family friendly place to be. If you see something that just looks wrong, or seems wrong, let us know and we will see what we think.

Grab a banana, swing from a vine, or sit in the treehouse that we call MonkeySeeMonkeyGo.com!

Off to the forum!